E-Commerce & Web Technology Course Outline

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Course Outline

1.      Introduction to E-Commerce.                              
a)      The difference between e-commerce and e-business
b)      Unique features of e-commerce technology
c)      Types of e- commerce.
d)     Element of a business model
e)      Business- to consumer (B2C) business models
f)       Business-to- business (B2B) business models
2.      Introduction to web Technologies
a)                  Fundamental of internet and www concepts.
b)                  Protocols (HTTP,FTP, IP,TCP,)
c)                  Domain Names ( com, edu, org, net, mil, sip)
1.                  Introduction to HTML
a)      Introduction
b)     A Text Editor
c)      A Web Browser
2.                  Creating First HTML Document
a)      Html Tag, Head Tag, Title tag, Body Tag, Heading,
b)      Paragraph Tag, Line Break Tag, Horizontal Rule Tag, Font Size
3.                  Marking Stylish Pages
a)      Bold Tag, italic Tag, Underline Tag, Typewriter Tag,
b)      Big Tag, Small Tag, Emphasis Tag,
c)      Citation Tag, Strong Tag,
d)     Lists Unordered List, Order List
Graphics in web page
1.      Image source Tag, Linking to local Files, to section of a page, Blink Tag, Marquee Tag,
2.      Address Fasters and Email Link
a.       Address Tag, Email Tag, Address and Email Link
3.      Sniffing up text
a.             Font Color Font Face Superscripts Subscripts Center Tag, Tables
4.      Mata Tags and Frames
a.        Mata Tag, Mate Refresh Tag, Meta Descriptor Tag,
b.      Frames Target Attribute No Frames Tag
5.      Forms
a.       Adding Forms to Web Pages Form Tag Menu Select, Text Input Element Password input.
b.       Element text Area Input Element Radio Buttons  Checks, Boxes Submit & Reset Button.
Introduction to DHTML
1.      Introduction to java script, form Validation, Basic, Languages Structure.
2.      Introduction to CSS 1 & CSS2.
3.      Introduction to XHTML.
 Dream Weaver
  1. Introduction.
  2. Creating Web Project.
  3. Applying Html on Dream Waver.
  4. CSS and its Implementation on Dream waver.
  5. Creating Menus.
  6. Layouts.
  7. Slicing.
  8. Forms.
  9. Tables.
  10. Website Project.  
Graphic Design  

Photoshop CS version
  1. Exploring the Photoshop Environment
a)      Explore the Photoshop interface
b)      Customize the Workspace
c)      Explore the Navigation Tools
  1. Working with Image Areas
a)      Select Image Areas
b)      Save a Selection
c)      Modify a Selection
  1. Setting Color Space
a)      Calibrate and Profile your Monitor
b)      Set a Working Color Space in Photoshop
c)      Convert Image from one Color Space to Another
d)     Manage Printing and Color
  1. Enhancing Image
a)      Print Strokes on an Image
b)      Apply Filter Effects
c)      Convert an Image to Black and White
d)     Blend Layers
e)      Merge Layers and Flatten Image
f)       Convert Color Images to Grayscale
  1. Working with Layers
a)      Create Layers
b)      Create Type Layers
c)      Transform Layers
d)     Alter T type Properties
e)      Apply Layer Styles
f)       Undo Previous Steps
g)      Arrange and Group Layers
  1. Saving Images for Web and Print
a)      Save Images for Use in Print Application
b)      Save Images for the Web
c)      Save Images as PDF
  1. Managing Assets with Adobe@ Bridge
a)      Explore Adobe Bridge
b)      Work with Adobe Bridge
c)       Work with Stacks and Filters in Adobe Bridge
d)     Apply Metadata and Keywords to Files
e)      Preparing Web Images
f)       Change Measurement Units
g)      Reduce File Size
  1. Creating Web Page Layouts
a)      Simulate a Web Page
b)      Create Web Page Background
c)      Draw Editable Vector Shapes
d)     Create Effects
e)      Export a Web Page
  1. Enhancing Photographs
a)      Retouch Photographs Using Photoshop Tools
b)      Create Patterns
c)      Create Swatches and Gradients
d)     Create a Custom Brush
e)      Create Custom Patterns
  1. Creating Special Effects
a)      Preview Text Effects Using Layer Comps
b)      Warp an Image
  1. Automating Tasks
a)      Create an Action
b)      Manage Action
  1. Adjusting RGB Color
a)      Meet Color Correction Objective
b)      Locate Highlights Shadows and Neutral Areas
c)      Make Automatic Color and Contrast  Adjustment
d)     Make Basic Curve Adjustment
  1. Sharpening Images
a)      Apply Un-sharp Images
b)     Sharpen an Image
( COREL DRAW Version 9 and onward)
  1. Exploring the Corel DRAW Interface
  2. Setup Drawing Page
  3. Corel DRAW Basic
  4. Manage Workspaces
  5. Customizing the Command Bar
  6. Saving and Printing Drawing
Shapes and Lines:
  1. Basic Shapes
  2. Working With Paths
  3. Modify Paths
  4. Adding Text to Objects
  1. Fills and Outline
  2. Custom File
  3. Custom Strokes
  4. Drop Shadows
  5. Modify Outline
  6. Transform Objects
Working with Text
  1. Format Artistic Text
  2. Fit Text to a Path
  3. Create Paragraph Text
  4. Wrap Paragraph Text
  5. Modify OCT Text
  6. Importing Image Text
  7. Insert Special Characters
  8. Text Effects
Working with Objects
  1. Modify Objects
  2. Add Graphics
  3. Add Clipart
  4. Spray Objects
Styles, Templates Symbols
  1. Working with text Styles
  2. Working with Templates
  3. Create Symbols
  1. New Layers
  2. Manipulate Layer
  1. Import and Adjust Bitmaps
  2. Trace Bitmaps
Advanced Printing Options
            Edit a Print Style
  1. Merge Text with Drawing

In Page Course Outline
  1. Toggle English / Urdu
  2. Tools
  3. Ribbon
  4. Status Bar
  5. Rulers
  6. Document Area
  7. Scroll Bars
  8. Cursors
  9. Text Box
  10. Title Text Box
  11. Picture Box
  12. Graphic Box
  13. Line
  14. Guides
  15. Text Chain
  16. Master Page
  17. Entering Text
  18. Character Attributes
  19. Paragraph Attributes
  20. Hyphenation
  21. Borders
  22. Style sheets
  23. Text Wrap and Repel
  24. Inserting Page Number
  25. Inserting Inline Pictures
  26. Inserting Tables
  27. Importing unformatted and preformatted Text
  28. Exporting Text
  29. Find / Replace

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