Ms. Access Course Outline

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Course Outline   
        What is data and Database?
1.1      Why use Electronic Database?
1.2      Tables and Relationships
1.3      One to One
1.4      One to Many
1.5      Many to many
1.3    Database Features
1.3.1        Attributes, Character Fielded
Record, Tuples Files
1.3.2        Key, Primary Key
Foreign Key, Composite Key
1.3.3        Referential Integrity
1.3.4        Use of Wild Cards
 1.4    MS- Access (Database)
a)        Ms-Access Use Access, Window
b)        Title Bar, Control Menu, Toolbar
c)        Status Bar
d)       Database Window
e)        Object button
f)         Data types
g)        Start Access
h)        Creating table, Table view
1.4.1        Create Table using in
a)      Design View
b)      Setting Primary Key, Saving table
c)      Close, exit add, delete record filed
d)     Resizing row column
e)      Freezing Hiding Column, Finding Data
f)       Repl data, Auto content, Spell checking
g)      Create Tales using in Wizard
1.4.2        Create relationship between Tables
1.4.3        Create Queries, define query, use adv
a)      Types of query
b)      Creating simple query
c)      Executing data
d)     Join, Difference between relations and join
e)      Extracting data
f)       Use of query wizard
1.4.4        Create Forms, What is form
a)      Types of form
b)      Create form by wizard
c)      Create form of Design View
d)     Add new record through form
e)      Edit record through form
f)       Editing option
g)      List Box, Combo Box
h)      Adding list Box and Combo Box
i)        Cheek Box and option button
j)        Command Button
1.4.5        Create Reports
a)      What is report?
b)      Use of Report, Standard types report
c)      Auto report
d)     Saving and closing auto report
e)      Create single table report
f)       Create two table report
g)      Create Report in design view
h)      Print a report
1.4.6        Database Security

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