Computer Programming C/ C++ Previous-Paper 2014

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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Board of Technical Education Peshawar
Post Inter Diploma in Information Technology (New Course)
(Part -I)
1st Term Examination 2014
Paper: Computer Programming C/C++ 

Time allowed: 3 hours

Max marks: 50

Note: Attempt any five questions. All questions carry equal marks. Mobile Phone & Programmable Calculators are not allowed

Q.1:- Define Language. Differentiate between C and C++ as Language
Q.2:- Differentiate between variables and constants. Explain their role in a program with an example.
Q.3:- Solve the following by applying priority of operators’ rules.

i) (a + b/2 * c – ( d + 4 )
ii) (a + b)/4*d^2 + c/2

Q.4:- Write the purpose of the following.

i) Printf ( ) , cout
ii) Putch (), Putchar ( )
iii) Getch ( ), getche ( )
iv) iostream , stdio
(v) Scanf ( ) , cin

Q.5:- Write the purpose of the following functions in one line.

a) printf ( ) function
b) putch ( ) function
c) getch ( ) function
d) iostream,stdio
e) scanf ()
f) gets ( ) function

Q.6:- Explain the difference between If-Else statement and Conditional operators with the help of program.
Q.7:- Write output of the given functions.

i) Sqrt ( )
ii) Floor ( )
iii) POW ( )
iv) tan ( )
v) Strlen ( )

Q.8:- Write short notes on following.

i) Variable definition rule
ii) Reserved Words
iii) main ()

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    Found your blog. Its really nice on C++ programming. Its a great tutorial for the beginners. Really liked it. Thank you for all the information.

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