Paragraph Formatting

Paragraph Formatting
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In this practical tutorial, we will learn how to do “Paragraph Formatting” In Microsoft Word. As we have already stated in Document Formatting that Paragraph formatting allows users to modify the look and feel of one or more paragraphs. To learn about basic concepts and idea of document formatting, please refer to the article Document Formatting.

Changing Paragraph Alignment

Paragraph alignment allows the user to set how the text will flow on the edge of a page. 

Paragraph Formatting

Indenting Paragraphs

Indenting a paragraph means setting text within a paragraph at different margins of the page. 

Indenting Paragraph

Adding Borders and Shading

Users can add borders and shading around one or paragraphs. The  borders and shading can be applied to an entire page

Adding Borders
Adding Shading


To sum up, in this tutorial, we have learned about Paragraph Formatting. Paragraph formatting enables us to beautify our document and give it a professional look. This tutorial has discussed three ways to format paragraphs: First, paragraph alignment, which determines how the text will flow on the edge of a page; second, indenting a paragraph, which allows us to set text at different margins of the page; and finally, border and shading.

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