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The use of computer, software, and telecommunication equipment for data handling is called Information Technology (IT), which is also known as Information and Communication Technology (ICT). It deals with the manipulation of information with the help of computers and software. It processes, stores, protects, transfers, and retrieves information. Although the term ICT applies to computers it also covers other information distribution systems such as radio, telephone, and television.


The term computer can be used for any kind of calculating device that can perform simple or complex computations. In a nutshell, any device capable of performing calculations is referred to as a computer. In general, the term is applied only to an electronic digital device that comes with a Central Processing Unit (CPU), keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

Definitions of Computer

Definition # 1

A computer is a complex machine which receives data in the form of input, processes it and finally gives result in the form of output. 

Definition # 2

A computer is an electronic device with the capability of accepting data, running predefined processes on data, and providing outputs of these processes.

Definition # 3

A computer is an automatic device that processes provided input data in a predefined way and supplies the required results.

Definition # 4

It is a computational device that gets data from several input devices. It processes the given data through a set of stored instructions at a very high speed and precision. Once required processes on data are completed, the result is provided on output devices.


Computers are now an integral part of our lives, we come across with computers in one way or another in our daily life. For instance, visiting a bank to withdraw or deposit money, reserving a seat, or buying a product online, involve interaction with a computer system explicitly or implicitly.

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