E-Commerce & Web Technology Previous Paper 2023


Khyber PakhtunKhwa Board of Technical & Commerce Education Peshawar
Diploma in Information Technology
(Part — I) Old Course 2015
2nd Term Examination 2023
Paper: – E-Commerce & Web Technology

Time allowed: 3 Hours

Marks: 100

Note: Attempt any five questions. All questions carry equal marks. Mobile Phone & Programmable Calculators are not allowed.


Q.1:-     What is E-Commerce? Explain its different features.

Q.2:-     What is Web Page? Differentiate between Static Web Page and Dynamic Web Page.

(Part – B)

Q.3:-     What is CSS? Explain Inline CSS, Internal CSS and External CSS.

Q.4:-     What is table in HTML? Write HTML code to create the following table.

Name of StudentObtained MarksGrade
Mr. Ahmad Ali990A-One
Mr. Numan Khan780A


Q.5:- Write purpose of the following HTML Tags:

i) <ul>

ii) <br>

iii) <img>

iv) <strong>

(Part – C)

Q.6:- What is form in HTML? How to create form in HTML?

Q.7:- Explain the following Javascript Data Types.

i) String

ii) Number

iii) Boolean

iv) Undefined

Q.8:- Write short notes on any two of the following.


ii) Business to Consumer

iii) E-mail

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