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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Board of Technical Education Peshawar
Post Inter Diploma in Information Technology (New Course)
(Part -I)
1st Term Examination 2014
Paper: Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

Time allowed: 3 hours

Max marks: 100

Note: Attempt any five questions by selecting at least 02 questions from each part. No spelling mistake in Q.l (iii), just logical change of small and capital “I”. All questions carry equal marks. Mobile Phone & Programmable calculators are not allowed.

Part – A

Q.1: – Differentiate between ay four pairs from the given.

i) Data and Information
ii) Hardware and software
iii) Internet and internet
iv) RAM and ROM
v) Input and Output Devices

Q.2:- Write short notes on any three from the given.

i) Laptop
ii) Database
iii) Virus
iv) Microprocessor

Q.3:- Convert the followings.

i) (201)10 = (?)2
ii) (625.25)10 = (?)g
iii) (10111001)2= (?)i6
iv) (FE2)16 = (?)8
v) (627)8 = (?)2

Q.4: – Write abbreviations for the following terms.

ii) CAD/ CAM
iii) CD
iv) XP
v) USB
vii) DBMS
viii) BIT
ix) GB
x) PAN


Q.5:- What is translation software? Elaborate its types with proper examples.
Q.6:- What is Computer Language? Elaborate different computer languages with examples.
Q.7:- Write brief note on computer uses and misuses
Q.8:-Elaborate Network types and its devices with examples

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    gul khan

    • February 14, 2019 at 4:09 am

    can you provide 2018 DIT-1ST TERM papers ??

    Muhammd Umar Mansoor

    • April 30, 2019 at 11:55 am

    Thanks for contacting us. New past papers 2019 have uploaded. Please check

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