MS-Access Previous-Paper 2012

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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Board of Technical Education Peshawar
Post Inter Diploma in Information Technology (New Course)
(2nd Semester)
1st Term Examination 2012
Paper: MS-Access

Time allowed: 3 hours

Max marks: 50

Note: Attempt any five questions. All questions carry equal marks. Mobile Phone  Programmable Calculators are not allowed.

Q.1:-What is relationship? Discuss different types of relationship with examples?

Q.2:-Define following terms.

i) Field
ii) Record
iii) Attribute
iv) Database

Q.3:- Explain environment of Ms-Access window.

Q.4:- What is Query? Discuss its types and uses.

Q.5:- Write steps for the following.

i) To set Primary Key ii) To delete record from table

Q.6:- What is Form? How it can be created using design view.

Q.7:-What is Tool Box? Discuss any four tools of toolbox.

Q.8:- Write short note on any two of the following.

i) Use of wild card
ii) Data types
iii) Referential Integrity
iii) Referential Integrity

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