Editing the Final Project-1 (Website) using Dreamweaver CS5


You will need Dreamweaver CS or newer version to edit the website properly. The instruction of this post Editing the Final Project-1 (Website) are specific for Project – 1 Education Quotes (Website). If you have not downloaded  it, you can download it here

Required Tool
  • Dreamweaver CS 5 or newer version. You can order a copy here



To edit the website for practice purposes, please follow the following instructions.

  1. Extract the zip to a specific folder.
  2. In the website folder, right click on “ Index ” html file
  3. Go to “Open With” Option.
  4. Click on Adobe Dreamweaver ( see figure).
  5. Dreamweaver will load the index file.
  6. Within Dreamweaver’s interface click on the Code as shown in the figure.
  7. Press Ctrl + F or go to “Edit” menu and click on Find and “Replace” command.
  8. In the Find dialog box, type what to want to search in the code in the find. For example if you want to have your real name in the place of “Type Name Here” then type  “Type Name Here” in find box and click on the “Find Next” button.
  9. After clicking on the “Find Next” button the Dreamweaver will locate the text in the code. Close the Find and Replace dialog box.
  10. Using your keyboard type your real name, make sure to not edit Html tag such or any other tag around the text.
  11. Follow step 7 – step 10 from other text as well.
  12. Now save the file using Ctrl+S shortcut key or Save command from File menu.

You can also download this tutorial as PDF

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