Project – 1 Education Quotes (Website)


Final Project

In this article, we aim to provide insight into the final for Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) project. The Project – 1 Education Quotes (Website) is a demonstration project developed using Dreamweaver CS 5, Corel Draw x7, CSS – Cascade Style Sheet, and Bootstrap Template.

It is important to note that this sample project should not be submitted as your final project, as it would result in plagiarism and a score of zero. The purpose of this demonstration is to aid in the learning process and to provide a reference for creating original projects. We do not accept any responsibility for cases of plagiarism or a resulting score of zero.


Project – 1 Education Quotes (Website)

Tools Used:

Want to edit the website, follow the link given below.

Editing the Final Project-1 (Website) using Dreamweaver CS5

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