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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Board of Technical & Commerce Education Peshawar
Diploma in Information Technology
(Part -II)
1st Term Examination 2022
Paper: Graphic Design

Time allowed: 3 hours

Max marks: 100

Note: Attempt any five questions by selecting at least one question from each section. All questions carry equal marks. Mobile phone and programmable calculator are not allowed.


Q.1: – Explain the colors in Photoshop?
Q.2: Briefly explain the following tools in Photoshop?

i)vBlur Tool

ii) Type Tool

iii) Navigation Tool

iv) Zoom Tool

v) Eraser Tool

Q.3: What is Photoshop? Explain the layers in Photoshop?

Section – B

Q.4: What is Corel Draw? Explain its interface?

Q.5: Explain the following tools of Coral Draw

(i) Pen Tool

(ii) Knife Tool

(iii) Crop Tool

(iv) Transparency Tool

Q.6: Describe the options of Layout Menu of Coral Draw?

Section – C

Q.7: – What are the uses of In-page? Explain its interface?

Q.8: How to do the following in Inpage?

i) Object Rotation 

iii) Text run around object 

iiii) Duplicate an object 

iv) Select an object 

v) Insert Page number

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