MS-Access Previous (Past) Paper 2016


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Board of Technical Education Peshawar
Diploma in Information Technology
(Part -II)
1st Term Examination 2016
Paper:  MS-Access

Time allowed: 3 hours

Max marks: 100

Note: Attempt any five questions by selecting at least one question from each section. All questions carry equal marks. Mobile phone and programmable calculator are not allowed.

Q1: Define database table. Write down the advantages of electronic database.

Q2: Define relationship. Explain different types of relationship.

Q3: Define table. Write the procedure of creating table by wizard.

Q4: Explain following filed properties.

i) Field Size

ii) Caption 

iii) Required

iv) Validation Rule

v) Validation Text

vi) Default Value

vii) Input Mask

Q5: Write down the procedure of the following.

i) Creating Delete Query

ii) Creating Append Query

Q6: Define and explain database security.

Q7: Explain different data types available in Ms-Access.

Q8: Define report. Write the steps for creating report by wizard.

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