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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Board of Technical & Commerce Education Peshawar
Diploma in Information Technology
(Part -I)
1st Term Examination 2022
Paper: Office Automation (MS-Word/ MS-Excel/ MS-PowerPoint)

Time: 3 hrs 

Max marks: 50

Note:  Part – A is compulsory. It should be attempted on the question paper & will be handed over to the Supdt: after the first 20 minutes. Cutting, Erasing, overwriting & use of pencil is not allowed. Mobile Phone & Programmable calculators are not allowed.


Time: 20 Minutes 

Marks : 10

Q.1: – Fill in the blanks.

i. Shortcut of save is ___________
ii. Shortcut of Save As is ___________
iii. Shortcut of Go TO is ___________
iv. CTRL + Y is used for ___________
v. CTRL + P is used for ___________
vi. In Ms Word F7 is used for ___________
vii. In Ms Excel function ___________ is  used to calculate Average.
viii. MAX function will return the  ___________ value in a given list of arguments.
ix. PPTX is file extension of ___________
x. In PowerPoint F5 is used for ___________


Time: 2 hrs 40 Mins

Marks : 40

Note: Attempt any four questions by selecting at least one question from each section. All questions carry equal (10) marks.

Section A 

Q.2: Discuss different methods to perform the following in MS Word

I) Cut II) Copy III) Paste IV) Undo V) Redo

Q.3: Write detailed procedure to perform the following in MS Word

I) Find II) Replace III) Go To IV) Print Page V) Page setup

Q.4: Write in detailed procedure of the following in MS Word

I) Insert table II) Bullets and Numbers III) spelling and grammar check

Section B

Q.5:- Write short note on following functions of Excel.

i) Workbook ii) Worksheet iii) CELL iv) Column v) Merged cell

Q.6:- Discuss the following excel functions with examples.

I) Max II) IF III) Date IV) Sum V) Upper

Section C

Q.7: -Discuss different view options available in PowerPoint.

Q.8: – Write short note on the following.

a) How to start PowerPoint and open existing presentation?
b) Adding sound to animation in PowerPoint.

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