Operating System

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Operating system or OS is a collection of many small software programs which are required to turn on the computer and run it smoothly. These programs provide fundamental access to hardware, without which a computer cannot be started. These programs remain inside the memory during a working session. 


For example, if we want to use an electric iron to press clothes, we must first plug the cord of the iron into the electric socket and then turn on the switch. If electricity is present, the iron will start warming. Once it is adequately warm, we can start pressing the clothes. In the absence of electricity, the iron will remain cold and we will not be able to press the clothes. Hence, we can say that an operating system works like electricity in the iron. 

Top 10 Operating Systems

There are hundreds of operating systems in the market.     MS-Windows, Ubuntu,  Mac OS,     Fedora,     Solaris,     Free BSD,     Chrome OS,     CentOS,     Debian,    Deepin are top 10 best operating system widely used operating system in the world.  

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