Video Editing Course Outline 2023

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Today’s post will explore the Video Editing Course Outline 2023 (DIT-Part II), providing an overview of the course contents, outlines, syllabus, and reference materials. This course, encompassing approximately 47 topics, focuses mainly on Video Editing Software  Adobe Premiere Pro

The study scheme for the Introduction to Programming course was meticulously developed by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Board of Technical and Commerce Education in 2023. Its primary objective is to cultivate a basic and comprehensive understanding of programming, coding and problem solving, ensuring students acquire a robust knowledge base in this domain.


1.1.Background and history of video editing
1.2.Goals of editing
1.3.Basics of video editing
1.4.Stages of editing
1.5.Evolution of software

2.1. Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro
2.2.Installation and activation of Adobe Premiere Pro
2.3.Footage and Aspect ratio
2.4.Video Formats

3.1. Different ways to import footage (video) in Premier Pro
3.2.Organizing Assets in different ways
3.3.Preview and Select Assets
3.4.Sequence (timeline)
3.5.Source window in Premiere Pro
3.6.Tools Panel in Premiere Pro
3.7.Timeline in Premiere Pro
3.8.When to cut and why?

4.1. Effects control window
4.2.Video transitions in Premiere Pro
4.3.Video Effects in Premiere Pro
4.4.Opacity and blending modes
4.5.Stabilizing shaky footage
4.6.Adding mask in Premiere Pro
4.7.Different types of cut in video editing
4.8.Continuity of action
4.9.Pacing and Rhythm
4.10.Speed and time re-mapping

5.1. Action Edit
5.2.Copy paste attributes in Premiere Pro
5.3.Creating montage in Premiere pro
5.4.Short cut keys in Premiere Pro
5.5.Audio editing
5.6.Supporting software for sound design
5.7.Multi camera editing
5.8.Editing music videos
5.9.Nesting and blending

6.1. Titler
6.2.Captions and sub-titles
6.3.Import & work on image sequence
6.4.Graphic tab
6.5.Markers and labels
6.6.Color grading
6.7.Adjustment layers
6.8.Duplicating a person

7.1.Green screen keying
7.2.Export media
7.3.After effects

Reference Material / Books

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