Virus and Antivirus

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In today’s post, we will define Virus and Antivirus. We will learn how a virus spread through different medias. This article also lists top five (5) antivirus software to protect your computer from virus infection.

Virus and Antivirus


A computer virus is a program (a set of instructions) that duplicates itself by attaching to other programs or files. When other programs execute, the virus also runs its harmful instructions to infect the host computer. The result of being infected by a virus, maybe as showing pop-up messages, slows down the system, deletes files or folders, corrupts other executable programs, and even crashes the system.

How Virus Spread 

A virus spreads from computer to computer by transferring an infected file. The most common media that help spread the virus are flash memory (USB), Networks, the Internet, E-mail attachments, and instant messaging.


Antivirus is a particular type of software that detects and deletes computer viruses. Its sole purpose is to scan a disk drive, USB drive, RAM, and E-mail attachments for viruses. Besides detecting and removing viruses, effective antivirus software also helps recover the data that has been corrupted or lost because of a virus.

Today, antivirus is essential for every computer; without antivirus software, a computer can be infected within minutes because of exploitation and vulnerability to the Internet.

Top 5 Antivirus 

There are a lot of antivirus software providing a free and paid version for personal and business computers.

Here’s a list of the top five antivirus software for the Windows operating system.

  1. Panda –
  2. Avira –
  3. Sophos –
  4.  Kaspersky-
  5.  Bitdefender –

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