Computer Network Previous Paper 2023


Khyber PakhtunKhwa Board of Technical & Commerce Education Peshawar
Diploma in Information Technology
(Part — I) New Course
2nd Term Examination 2023
Paper: – Computer Network

Time allowed: 2 Hours &  40 minutes

Marks: 60


Q2: – Attempt any Six questions. Each question carries equal (05) marks.  (30) 

i. Define LAN and MAN.

ii. Write the combination of straight cable.

iii. Define media and its main two types.

iv. Define IP address. IPV4 uses how many bits address.

v. Define bus topology.

vi. Define protocol. Why we use FTP?

vii. Why we use Ping command?

viii. Write Ping command for loopback address?

ix. Define Hub. Why we use hub?

(Part – C)

Note: Attempt any Three questions from the following. Each question carries equal (10) marks.  (30)

Q.3:- Explain Topology. Also describe Start and Ring topology. 

Q.4:- Explain TCP/IP model in detail. 

Q.5:- (a) Explain MAC address. How many bits are in MAC ADDRESS? 

(b) Explain RJ-45 connector. 

Q.6:- Explain the following. 

ii. Bluetooth
iii. IPV6

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