Introduction to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Previous Paper 2023


Khyber PakhtunKhwa Board of Technical & Commerce Education Peshawar
Diploma in Information Technology
(Part — I) New Course
2nd Term Examination 2023
Paper: – Introduction to Information and Communication Technologies

Time allowed: 2 Hours &  40 minutes

Marks: 60


Q2: – Attempt any Six questions from the following. All questions carry equal (05) marks.    (30) 

i. Write the difference between a Mainframe and a Super computer.

ii. What is the function of System Clock in a computer system?

iii. What are the advantages and disadvantages of impact printers?

iv. Write down the use of RAID and NAS.

v. Write shortly the memory management function of an Operating System.

vi. What is Personal Information Management Software?

vii. What is meant by computer Ethics?

viii. How unnecessary use of computer can affect the user’s health?

(Part – C)

Note: Attempt any Three questions from the following. Each question carries equal marks.   (30) 

Q.3:- How computer memory is measured? Explain different types of computer memory.

Q.4:- What is Flash storage? Explain its various types.

Q.5:- What is an operating system? Explain any five utility programs provided by an operating system.

Q.6:- What is Electronic commerce? Explain its different types.

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