Operating System Previous Paper 2023


Khyber PakhtunKhwa Board of Technical & Commerce Education Peshawar
Diploma in Information Technology
(Part — I) New Course
2nd Term Examination 2023
Paper: – Operating System

Time allowed: 2 Hours &  40 minutes

Marks: 60


Q2: – Attempt any Three questions from the following. All questions carry equal (10) marks.  (30) 

i. Write note on OS.

ii. Define memory management.

iii. Define thread.

iv. Write note on permission to user account.

v. Define Hotspot and its benefits.

vi. Define client operating system.

vii. Write note on Co-ordination between users and software.

viii. Define PCB.

ix. Define importance of file sharing.

x. Write note on Windows 10 Services.

(Part – C)

Note: Attempt any Three questions from the following. Each question carries equal marks. (30) 

Q.3:- Elaborate Batch Operating System with the help of example.

Q.4:- Explain dead lock. How can we prevent deadlock?

Q.5:- Elaborate WINDOWS Server 2016 with its benefits.

Q.6:- Write a comprehensive note on Resource Management.

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