Fundamental of Printers and Scanners

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Printers and scanners are two types of peripheral devices that are used in the computer system, which allows us to produce printed copies or digital data from a hardcopy. The article discusses the fundamentals of printers and scanners

Fundamental of Printers and Scanners


A computer screen provides us with a softcopy as output, but in many cases, we need a hardcopy of the information on paper, which can be produced with the help of a printer.

A printer is an output device that produces a hard copy of the required information. It receives text documents, images, or a combination of both and prints (reproduced) them on paper. However, it also accepts signals sent by a computer that controls the printer.

All printing devices have a paper transport system that automatically moves the continuous forms or single sheets as printing progresses. 

Samsung, LaserJet, black & white printer

Color Printer 

Many printers can produce output in distinct colors, which are called color printers. They are one of the most popular types of printers on the market. They use a process called four-color process printing, which lays down four colors of ink (CMYK) – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black – on the paper to create a full-color image.

Most color printers are also capable of printing in black and white, but they typically cost more to operate than monochrome printers because they use more ink. Many modern color printers also have features like photocopying and scanning built-in, making them versatile devices for home and office use.

HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M558


A scanner converts graphics and pictorial data to digital (binary) form, which can be directly fed and stored on computers. Scanners are capable of digitizing the shape and size of drawings and varying intensities on a gray-to-black, full color, and black and white. They are used to scan more complex pictures and photographs.

Nowadays, scanners have the capability of OCR (optical character recognition), by which a scanned page can be converted into an editable document.



In this article, we have looked at the basics of printers and scanners. We have seen that a printer is an output device that produces a hard copy of the required information and a scanner is an input device that converts graphics and pictorial data to digital form. 

We hope you enjoyed our fundamentals of printers and scanners guide. Although both devices are very different, they work together to produce high-quality documents and images. 

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