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PC or Personal Computer is defined as a small-sized, inexpensive, and general-purpose computer that can be used by a single person at a time. Almost all personal computers are based on microprocessors which makes it easy for manufacturing companies to fit an entire CPU (processor) on a single chip. 

Uses of Personal Computer

Personal computers are generally used at homes, schools, offices, banks, hospitals, and factories. 


At home, personal computers are often used for playing games and entertainment. 


In small and large offices, personal computers are prevalent, as they are used for data processing, printing, and record-keeping purposes. 


In banks, personal computers are used to check in accounts, calculate interest rates, and carry out other transactions.

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Basics Components of PC

PC is a collective name for different components which combine to make a computer system. The illustration given below shows basic components of a PC. 

1: Monitor

2: Mainboard

3: Processor

4: RAM

5: ISA, PCI, AGP, PCI Slots

6: Power supply

7: CD / DVD-ROM drive

8: HDD / SSD

9: Mouse

10: Keyboard

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