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A word processor is application software used for creating documents, including letters, applications, essays, and stories.  It can also be used to insert images, sounds, charts, and graphics in documents. It has the potential to correct spelling and grammar errors automatically. Consequently, some obvious typos are auto-corrected such as typing teh instead of the, will be auto-corrected.


Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, Writer, and TextEdit are renowned word processing software. Microsoft Word is one of the most widely used word processing processors which is part of the Microsoft Office package. WordPerfect is yet another commonly used software for word processing purposes which has been designed by the Corel Corporation.

A third one is Writer, which is a part of the Open Office by Apache. The Writer is a free and open source word processor on the planet with most features for handling and editing documents.  TextEdit is a word processor designed for the Mac operating system and claimed to be the first open source and free word processor with the power of editing documents created in Microsoft Word, Writer, and Google Docs.

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